• Ondersteuning nieuwe culturele activiteiten
    Heb je plannen om een uitvoering, optreden, workshop o.i.d. in De Glasbak te organiseren, maar loop je vast met de organisatie hiervan? Neem contact met ons op, wellicht dat wij je een duwtje in de goede richting kunnen geven.

… And yoga for all.

What: a morning spent in a great company of like-minded people practicing yoga and meditation together.
Who: anybody who is interested in getting the energy “from the air” :) All ages, all levels.
When: Mondays from 09.00 - 10.00 and wednesdays from 10 (for about 1,5 hours) 
Where: Glasbak - Theater & Cultureel Centrum

What to bring:
• your own yoga mat;
• little blanket to cover yourself up while relaxing;
• cushion or pillow to sit on;
• any other yoga props you might have (belts, blocks, etc.).

What to expect:
• to know your body better;
• to meet yourself at last;
• to make new friends.

Cost: only €7,50 per class.
You can also contact me on WhatsApp (+31-6-844-51-433).
I am looking forward to meeting you :)